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The Irish word feis (pronounced “fesh”) means festival, but is more commonly used to describe a sanctioned Irish dance competition. Dancers who compete must be students in good standing of a TCRG certified instructor. With instructor’s consent, these students are eligible to compete in feiseanna (plural of feis, pronounced “FESH-nah”).

Some students enjoy the opportunity to compete, and some students prefer to focus their efforts on other aspects of Irish dance. Dancers who choose to participate in competitions represent McGonagle. Please be sure to read the Competing Guidelines located in your Studio Director account regarding registering to compete. There is also information for feis registration, attire, and Tips for your first time competing. 

Dancing in a feis requires a lot of concentration. Competitors of the same age and experience level perform their competition dances on stage to live Irish music together. During each competition, two or three dancers perform their steps simultaneously, yet choreography is unique to each school, so competitors are each dancing different steps. It can be a great way for dancers to build confidence. But, competing can also be overwhelming if you are not prepared. Consistent class attendance will help to prepare your student for all aspects of competition, dancers are required to be registered and attending lessons weekly to be eligible for competition.


Students are able to compete in not only solo competitions, but team dancing as well once a certain level of competing is reached.

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